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ATSX250 Rautalampi – race info

  • RACE CATEGORY: ATSX250, part of World Championship
  • DATE: 11.-13.2.2022
  • LOCATION: Water Tower Hill, Rautalampi, Finland
  • ORGANIZER: RautU (Ice Cross Rautalampi) & FSXA (Finnish Ice Cross Association) 

This page contains essential information for Ice Cross athletes attending ATSX250 Rautalampi 2. Please read all the information carefully! This page is for athletes only.


SCHEDULES MAY CHANGE! Updated 10/02/2022.

Race Schedule

Sunday, Feb. 13th

• 10:30 Locker room open

• 12:00 Junior: Riders Briefing at the track (mandatory!)
• 12:10 Junior finals: TOP4

• 12:20 Men: Riders Briefing at the track (mandatory!)
• 12:35 Men: LCQ16 + TOP16

• Medal ceremony after the finals

Registration & Race fee

Online Registration

  • Create your ATSX profile in case you do not have one: data.atsx.org/Account/Register
  • Register for the race: Rautalampi 2022
  • You will receive an email with the link to our payment site
  • Note: In addition to our registration fee you need to purchase an ATSX license
  • Contact your national federation (you can look it up in the list below). If your country is not listed please write an email to: pvirta@gmail.com
  • Read through all of the information in this document
  • Registration will close 2 days prior to the race, OR before, if the race’s capacity has been reached. 

Insurance and license

Every rider should have insurance for the whole period of competition (that’s a mandatory and includes the training runs). Without payment of the international licence, the athlete is not allowed to participate. 

Race Fee

After registration you will get payment link to your email.

  • Men/ Women – 70€
  •  Juniors – 45€*

* Juniors can compete in the Men/Women category but they need to pay at both categories

COVID-19 Actions

COVID-19 Actions


  • Guidelines for entering Finland: https://www.finentry.fi/en/ & https://raja.fi/en/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during-pandemic
    PLEASE NOTE: Negative PCR-test is required for entering Finland!
  • FFP2 mask duty, You should wear mask everywhere else than on track.
  • Keep 2 meters of distance and focus on hygiene. 
  • Only athletes and competition staff are allowed on site. No audience.
  • All the athletes and staff members needs to show one of these options:
    • Negative PCR-test result (less than 72hrs)
    • Negative Antigen test result. Tested on site.
    • Medical proof of being infected with COVID-19 (More than 10 days, less than 6 months).

Antigen testing at the Athletes parking is available only on mentioned opening hours, it’s not available any other time. Please be aware that antigen testing will take 0,5-1 hours, so don’t be late.

• Access to the track and locker rooms is strictly controlled.

• No skate-sharpening on-site.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Competition is open to everyone, who is older than 16 years, registered at data.atsx.org, has paid the ATSX athlete licence and race fee.

Participants 16-17 yrs. should provide a letter from their parent(s) (or legal guardian) allowing them to compete in this extreme sport event. (Full name and signature of the parents necessary, ID card (or at least copy) of the parent who signed should be available to show upon request).

Race will follow ATSX Ice Cross rules 2021-2022. Please note also jersey restrictions.

Rulebook: ATSX Rulebook 2021-2022

Accomodation & Travel

Accommodation and Travel

  • National teams should stay in same accomodation and not to mix with other teams. If possible choose single rooms instead of shared rooms. Please contact your national federation about accomodation options.
  • Check these accomodation options:
  • There are no hotels in Rautalampi. Nearest is Hotel Suonenjoki, about 20 km away.
  • Please read carefully insctructions for entering Finland: https://www.finentry.fi/en/
    Please note: Negative PCR test is required for entering Finland.
  • If you need proof of attendance from race organization please contact pvirta@gmail.com

How to get to Rautalampi?

By train

Nearest train station is Suonenjoki. It’s about 20km from Rautalampi. Train schedules can be found from: https://www.vr.fi/

By bus

Most of the buses (also Onnibus) stops at Koskelo, Suonenjoki (also named Koskelo Ysitie) if asked. This bus stop is next to the gas station and it’s about 13km from Rautalampi.

There might be some buses coming straight to Rautalampi, but that’s quite rare.

Bus schedules could be found from:
https://www.matkakeisari.fi/?lng=en (combines schedules from different bus companies)

By plane

Nearest airports are at Kuopio and Jyväskylä, around 80km away. Transfer connections from these airports to Rautalampi are really bad, taxi might be the best solution.


Location and Parking

Athlete parking and covid -testing location

Restaurant Nuapuri Parking lot (Kuopiontie 21, Rautalampi).
Short walking to locker rooms. NO PARKING on locker rooms!

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/WD5UJk5hhhhN1XVj7

Track location

Ice Cross Track Rautalampi (Satakielistentie 17, 77700 Rautalampi)
Shortwalk from the locker rooms. NO PARKING at the track

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/JPjUCWC8ty3MR6Hc8

Changing Rooms.

Saturday & sunday have big gym hall for changing room. 2 meter distance between athletes. FFP2-mask required all the time. Short walk to the track. PLEASE NOTE! Locker room is not available on friday.

At the track there is benches outdoor where you can put your skates on.

Skate sharpening and blade guards

Please take your own blade guards with you to the track, you will need it there. We don’t have any skate guard to borrow.

Skate sharpening NOT available.

Track Details

Track details

Track is filled with obstacles, steep start, jumps, step-downs, step-ups and rollers.

  • Location: Water Tower Hill, Rautalampi FIN
  • Lenght: 350m
  • Width: 4-6m
  • Vertical Drop: 25m
  • Turns: 5
  • Ice: Natural
  • Sidewalls: partially


If any questions feel free to ask us.

Petri Virta

Event organizer

+358408284832 / pvirta@gmail.com

Tuomas Kullaa

Event organizer

+358453520454 / tuomaskullaa@gmail.com

National Federations / Clubs

The national federations are coordinating the steps to enable the athletes to compete at the event in Rautalampi. Please contact your national federation if you are planning to attend this race.

Keep in mind that most of the federations are small and may need some time to answer your emails.